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The Reese Group's IRi and 1010data Capabilities

“We don’t know what we don’t know”

Sounds strange, but if we’re only looking at ourselves, we don’t have any idea what is going on around us or what potential we may have. In today’s highly competitive environment we must know the facts about our markets, categories, products, customers and competition.

 To find the facts, The Reese Group has a dedicated Market Research and Development Department that subscribes to National Syndicated Census and Causal Data. This department works closely with our partners to identify opportunities within all facets of the business including product, brand, and vendor development as well as the pricing, promotional and customer demography in which we compete. The data provides the information to help us better understand how our products relate and can ultimately grow in the market place.  Based on the facts, we can build an actionable strategy together and execute a plan that will capture these opportunities.  This tool provides The Reese Group and our Partners a critical advantage over those who don’t have it available.


More about Richard King:

Richard P King - Vice President Market Research & Development

Based in Kingsport TN

 Richard’s responsibilities include working closely with our partners and various Reese divisions to provide insights using syndicated census and customer specific data that identify opportunity gaps and trends within the categories and markets in which we compete.

 Richard has over 25 years of experience in the Drug, Mass, Grocery and Dollar channels of trade as well as extensive training in the use of space management and syndicated data analysis. Richard’s experience comes from working at Eckerd Drugs Headquarters as the Space Management and Data Analysis Department Manager for 1600 stores, Information Resources, Inc. as the Key Account Manager for total US, large accounts and as the Director of Category Management for K-Va-T Food Stores (Food City).

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