One provider, covering different classes of trade

Our experience and diversity allow us to be a single-stop provider and solution for all of your needs. Unlike most independent and regional brokers, the Reese Group covers eight distinctly different classes of trade:

  • Reese Brokerage Company
  • Reese Military
  • Reese Dollar/Discount
  • Reese Drug/Mass/Office
  • Reese Specialty Food
  • Reese General Merchandise/Non Foods
  • Reese Perishable
  • Reese Convenience Sales
  • Reese Tobacco, Wine, and Spirits


This division was created in 1902 to handle the civilian grocery trade and was the original foundation of our entire company.


Our Dollar Division was created to call on the dollar and discount trade across the U.S.


This division was created in 1989 for military sales worldwide.

Mass Market/Office

We created this division to cater to an established, growing market.


This division was created to open the drug store trade for our principals.

Tobacco/Wine & Spirits

This division was created in 2012 as a new class of trade for the Reese Group.


This division specializes in convenience store trade.

Specialty Foods

The Reese Group is the preeminent leader in specialty food.

General Merchandise

This division was created in 2000 to handle any and all retail issues at the store level.


We work wall to wall perishable including produce, meat, frozen and dairy in all classes of trade.